About me

The blogger behind Diana's Creation,

Diana is my name, as you all know :D  I live in a small town named Ermelo in the Netherlands, Europe. 43 years young, married to Stephan 44 years young, 2 grown up steph-daughters 24 and  26.  I got two Little Owls, that's how they called in English, or Athene Noctua. And one Bearded Dragon.

A little about me
I am a metalhead and a huge fan of Metallica for quite some years now, about 20 orso years. . But Slayer, Judas Priest, Dio and so on... all kinds of 70's/80's metal.
I call myself a solotaire eclectic paganist/witch.  Love herbs, got a little herb garden.

I got some tattoo's. Love Halloween. Yeah I am not the orderinary person. Also a bit weird and crazy. Thank Thor!! My husband too! WOOHOO.  I am honest, open and direct person. I'll say what I think and I don't regret that 😆 What you see is what you get.
 I live by this rule:

"Ever mind the rule of three, 
What ye send out comes back to thee."

A couple of years ago I became ill and had to stay at home. I couldn't work anymore. But I can't sit still. I really need to do something. I started crocheting and now also cardmaking/mixed media, 3D printing and ofcourse my new toy the Silhouette Cameo 3.
And all that  kind of stuff you will find on this blog.

I am crafting so much because about 4 years ago, some morning  I woke up very ill. . Long story short and I got no idea how to translate everything. I got alot of medical issues like rheumatism, chronic pain 24/7 and lots more boring stuff. That's why I am crafting so much. I feel a lot better than 4 years ago when it started but I never will be 100% healthy again.  Ah well... we are going to have fun right?? Craft and metal the night away!!!! WOOHOO

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